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SANTO | the shave bar

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Welcome to the world of shaving. Whether you're a seasoned professional or Kevin McCallister from Home Alone shaving for the first time, knowing the proper way to whack the whiskers off your face will save you from the dreaded red-bumpy OUCH.

Razor burn and irritation usually come into play when you do not prep your face for a shave or you are shaving with inadequate equipment. To avoid ingrown hairs, skin damage, and dryness–take notes, we have tips for you!

Firstly, always always ALWAYS start with a clean face. This step is obviously for hygienic purposes, but also crucial for a smooth shave. By cleansing your face, you are also softening your facial hair and opening your pores.

Invest in a shaving aid and a worthy razor. Opt in for a shaving aid with natural ingredients–this will steer you away from irritation. Check out SANTO | the shave bar for a shaving aid that is gentle and free of added chemicals. It is formulated with sustainable Palo Santo with a hint of wild French lavender leaving the skin feeling smooth and refreshed. And purchasing a high quality razor, whatever type is your preference, will ensure the cleanest shave.

Once you are prepped, face is covered in a shaving aid and razor in hand, you can get started, right? Yes, but, which way do I shave? Up? Down? Left and right? Everyone’s facial hair grows differently, but you should shave with the growth of your hair, i.e. with the grain. Will you get a shave by going against the grain? Yes. But shaving with the grain will protect you from cuts and wounds and your hair will grow back with less resistance, which will protect you against ingrown hairs.

Don’t forget to rinse your razor in between strokes to ensure no resistance and to clear hair build-up!

Lastly, store your razor in a dry place. If your razor has steel blades, ensure everything is dry and protected when put away – always keep an eye on the blades as they will rust and dull overtime.

The SANTO | the shave bar is the perfect product to gift a loved one or buy for yourself! Not only does it smell amazing, but also allows for a gentle lather ideal for a more classical shave experience. To use: Place the bar in a shave bowl. Wet shave brush and apply to soap, swirl brush to create lather and apply lather to face.

At the end of the day, to have an effective shave is to invest in top-tier products, from your facial cleanser to your razor. Say goodbye and see you later to your beard and mustache, a smooth face has entered the chat and plans to stick around until the 5 o’clock shadow creeps in.

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