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What is the best thing you can do for your skin? Keep it hydrated! Of course, overall hydration, internally, is key, but adding a full-body moisturizer is the next step to keeping your skin healthy and protected. Many skin care products are geared for the face, but your body skin needs just as much love as your face skin.

ESSENCE | the body shave oil is a multifaceted product that can be an addition in many steps of your routine. It can be used to calm skin after shaving, a body treatment, and a natural cologne.

As a shaving aid, ESSENCE will provide a protective glide over your skin for a tight and safe shave. While also, nourishing deep into your open pores to nurture from the inside. For a more in depth treatment, use ESSENCE as you would a moisturizer. Use this oil all over your body, head to toes, and watch your skin reap the benefits. For added moisture, use this product on damp skin–ESSENCE will act as a barrier, locking in the damp moisture and allowing it to fully absorb into your skin. Finally, the natural aroma from the essential oils in ESSENCE creates earthy, soft wood notes that are a natural alternative to cologne.

This treatment not only nourishes your skin but leaves behind a natural scent. Our treatment is infused with organic flower tops and highly curated oils and will leave your skin smooth and well nourished.

The ingredients that make-up ESSENCE have been tirelessly tested to ensure quality and functionality to create a product that will become your new favorite:

  • NEW CALEDONIA SANDALWOOD | is perfect for skincare due to its cooling action, which influences the reduction of inflammation. Having emollient qualities it is ideal for nourishing the hair follicle.

  • CBD broad spectrum | cannabis sativa hemp-extracted cannabinoid oil is a prolific species containing a broad range of chemical compounds. High in antioxidants and adaptogenic capacity.

  • ORGANIC CALENDULA FLOWER | promotes hydration boosting collagen which if you didn’t know decreases every year after the age of 30. High in multiple antioxidants allows for protection from oxidative stress.

  • SQUALANE | a radical change in overall skin appearance happens when we use squalane. Well-tolerated, and well suited for every skin type. This derivative of the olive, it helps boost antioxidant levels and offers protection from environmental factors.

How to use: Drop a few pumps into clean hands and with long strokes, apply liberally to the body. Focus on stimulating lymph nodes. Take a deep breath and let the aromatherapy benefits wash over you.

Making sure your body is moisturized is as easy as rubbing a few pumps of ESSENCE on your skin whenever you have extra minutes in the day. By adding this small addition to your daily routine, you will notice that your skin is less prone to breakage and will bounce back faster after irritation. Especially, as you age, the oil glands in your skin slowly lose the ability to create more, which leads to dry, flaky, and wrinkly skin. To combat that, start moisturizing now and don’t stop!

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