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Attention all HANK users

Hank users–we have all the products you need to create a skincare routine that will nourish your rough skin and hair, but in what order should you use them? A quick google search will generate hundreds upon hundreds of listicles that contradict each other. But listen here, were going to tell you the proper way to use all your Hank products:

First: Clean your face

Seems like a no-brainer, right? PRIMO | the cleanser is a gentle oil based cleanser that will rid your skin of daily dirt and grime your pores pick up throughout the day. The PRIMO has a mild PH balance, which is vital for balancing your acid mantle which sits on the surface of your skin. The ingredients provide a hint of scent, found in the Wild French Lavender and Siberian Sea Buckthorn Oil, but overall have a calming and invigorating effect.

Next: Shave (if you want)

We have a few products that are shave aids, depending on your preference. All aids can be used on the face and body. Shaving, in general, can be damaging to your skin, especially if you are not using the right products. The act of shaving inflames the skin, so finding products and equipment that encourage safety and has ingredients specifically for soothing and cooling of the skin will transform your shaving process.

SANTO | the shave bar provides a gentle lather and has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. SANTO is composed of natural ingredients that will leave your freshly shaved skin feeling smooth and refreshed.

HAZE | the shave aid has a non-toxic formula which is a rarity in the shave aid products we see on the shelves. The PH balance and alkaline formula is key to reducing skin inflammation which can be caused by shaving. HAZE is a cream based shaving aid that glides on your skin and guides your razor effortlessly.

Next: Treat your face to a treatment

After subjecting your skin to cleansing and shaving, albeit gentle cleaning and shaving, your skin needs nourishment. The BHANG | the face treatment feeds your skin vital nutrients and combats exposure to free radical damage. The BHANG is comprised of ingredients, such as, Bakuchi Oil and Squalane, which are critical for skin elasticity and longevity.

Last: For any hair you didn't shave off (even the hair on your head)

SHIELD | the hair | beard balm is a multi-faceted treatment for your hair and beard. Keeping your beard hydrated and contained can be a daunting task. This balm is lightweight and provides a hold without looking stiff. The Palo Santo and New Caledonia Sandalwood produces a natural scent and presents a beard that is nourished and healthy.

Now that you have the products and know how to execute a proper skincare routine there is no reason not to get started. The most important aspect of a skincare routine is consistency; you'll know you are doing it right and enough when you notice you stop aging.

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