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Benefits of CBD

CBD (cannabidiol) has been a trending ingredient the

past few years. But what is it exactly

and why is it an ingredient included in skincare? You see shelves of different pills, potions, and vapes that advertise CBD, but do you really know what CBD is and does? CBD is a component of the cannabis sativa plant. Many people are familiar with THC, this is the part of the plant that will give you a buzz, whereas CBD is the part of the plant that holds all the plants’ benefits and healing properties.

CBD is an ingredient that can be used in many facets of your life; it can promote calmness by helping with anxiety, insomnia, and even pain. But CBD doesn’t only work on the inside, it can be an asset to your skin! Acne prone skin benefits from the anti-inflammatory properties and CBD can reduce signs of wrinkles and ageing due to the antioxidants. And as a result of its calming effect, CBD is great for sensitive skin.

CBD is a magical ingredient, but how does it actually help your skin? For acne prone skin, research has shown that CBD can reduce sebum production, this is the natural oils your skin produces. Due to the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, acne prone skin will benefit immensely from adding this ingredient into an already established skincare routine. Pigmentation and redness can diminish over time with a consistent regimen.

Using CBD topically can aid in anti-aging and diminish the signs of wrinkles. The antioxidant properties counter free-radicals and slows down the damage that external factors can cause to your skin. When we say free radicals we mean the process that happens when our skin’s oxygen is depleted. This occurs when we are in the presence of pollution, like dust and smoke. This pollution takes the oxygen away from our skin, which our skin needs to stay vital, and this stimulates the anti-aging process. So it is crucial to find ingredients in your skincare that help decrease the havoc free radicals can have on your skin, and CBD is a great ingredient to do that.

With all the CBD products out there, how do you know which one is right for you? Take a look at what your skin needs. Do you have dry skin? Redness and irritation? Are you just looking for something new? Are you curious about adding CBD into your skin care routine?

If you do not already have a serum in your routine, look no further! The BHANG | face treatment is a lightweight serum you can use morning and night. This product will nourish your skin through hydration and incorporates nutrients back into your skin that are probably lacking.

Trying to find a body product that can also help with your after shaving needs? The ESSENCE | body oil | shave oil will be perfect for you! Not only will this oil assist in hydrating the body, it also helps soothe skin after a shave.

How's your beard looking these days? Has it suffered from being masked up? The SHIELD | beard balm, can restore glory back into your hair. The hydration features as well as the antibacterial components will keep your hair in perfect balance. This balm has a light hold and a slight sheen to create a healthy appearance.

Whether you add one CBD product into your routine, or swap them all for CBD alternatives, you will not regret it!

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