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Funky Beard Complex

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Take a look in the mirror -- what do you see?

A beard sculpted to perfection? Probably not. You probably see hairs pointing in different directions that lack luster and look dry and dull. Funky Beard Complex is when a beard is not living up to its full potential. A beard that catches all the dirt and dust blowing around in the world. A beard full of particles from the subway, the gym...the bathroom. This isn't meant to scare the beards around the globe and it is not a testament to clean shaven > beards. But your beard deserves better. Here are some ways to tame Funky Beard Complex!

The most obvious tip is wash your beard. Not only will this hydrate those brittle strands but it will wash away all the dirt that gets caught in there throughout the day. It’s important to NOT use hot water as this can damage your beard follicles. Instead, use lukewarm water with a trusty soap -- check out our PRIMO | the cleanser. This gentle cleanser can be used everyday, the mild PH balance will restore your beard, and skin, to former glory.

After a fresh washing, you aren't done just yet! A beard oil is crucial if you don't want to end up looking like Hagrid. A beard oil will keep your skin and beard lush throughout the day, by ensuring that your hair and the skin under that hair is nourished. After a steady routine, you will notice your strands soften which makes it easier to style. Move over Hagrid, George Clooney is coming through!

If beard oil is not your thing, a beard conditioner or lotion will do the trick! Regardless of which method you choose to care for your beard, make sure your beard hairs and the skin underneath is coated thoroughly.

Finally, time to train the beard. It's easier than training dogs, promise. Choose your tool of choice! Most people tend to favor a beard brush, but find the tool that is going to work for you--a comb or a straightener. Brushing your beard helps spread the product evenly through your whiskers, and also aids in removing debris and dead skin cells. If it hurts and you are losing hair, you're doing it wrong. Think of this as petting yourself, you wouldn't want your dog losing their hair due to aggressive petting, right?

Do you ever look at a beard and it seems to defy gravity? Looking at you James Harden. A beard balm is the way you achieve this look, locked in locks. This styling product holds shape and moisture, which is beneficial for those dry strands. It works as easy as it looks, take a small amount and coat your beard. Check out our SHEILD | the hair | beard balm. This multi-purpose balm can be used for the hair on your face and on the top of your head. This balm won't give you crunchy hair, but will provide a bit of hold. The antimicrobial qualities will keep your beard fresh and clean.

Here is what you need to do to take care of your beard, easy steps to follow:

Wash it with PRIMO | the cleanser

Beard Oil/Conditioner/Lotion


Style and hydrate it with SHEILD | the hair | beard balm

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