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Let's talk about cleansers

Cleansing your face seems fairly basic–you pick a soap, lather it on, and wash it off. But it is much more complex than that. Your facial skin is delicate, and should be treated with care. Ensuring your face is clean is the most crucial step in your skin care wellness routine. And there is a lot you can do wrong.

Cleaning your face is not a race. It will take time to test products to see if they are the right fit for your skin care needs.

To start, do you know your skin type? Dry, oily, combination, normal? Understanding your base skin type will lead you to selecting the right cleanser for your needs. If your skin is oily, you wouldn't want to use a cleanser geared toward dry skin. It is fairly easy to determine, you will know automatically if you fall into the dry or oily category. Normal and combination skin will take a bit more effort to determine; inspect your T-zone and look in a mirror–do you have both dry and oily skin? You have a combination skin type!

Next, review the ingredients in the cleansers you are using. Opt in for all-natural and gentle ingredients. It is not the 90s anymore, if it stings or comes on an alcoholic pad, it's bad for you! Your face should feel refreshed after cleansing, not attacked and tight. You want to find a cleanser that rids your skin of the normal day to day grime that you come in contact with, but not leave your skin taught, dry, and red.

Finally, stay away from harsh and abrasive cleansers. To do this, you can review the ingredients. Many skin care shelves are littered with “extreme exfoliation” and “walnut scrubs”, but that is not what your skin needs or wants. You can still exfoliate, but you do not need to be using a cleanser that mimics the feeling of a Scrub Daddy to get results. Using one of these scrubs results in redness, irritation, and small abrasions on the face.

There are gentle exfoliants to rid your skin of dead skin cells and other impurities. Keep an eye out for “hydration”, and soothing and soft ingredients when looking for a once a week exfoliation treatment. Once your face is gently exfoliated, your post-cleanse routine is the most important. Make sure you are replenishing your skin with the proper treatments that will revitalize and hydrate.

Our PRIMO | the cleanser is a great option for all skin types. The main purpose of the PRIMO is to promote a healthy and strong acid mantle. This is the forefront barrier of your skin, it is meant to protect you from oxidative stress and free radical damage. Keeping your acid mantle reinforced and balanced will ensure skin longevity and cellular turnover. Our cleanser is PH balanced with your skin, meaning you won't feel that tight and dryness after using it. It is formulated specifically to hydrate while cleansing the skin.

Cleaning your facial skin is the first step in generating a skincare routine that promotes wellness, elasticity, and protection. Your skin deserves to be treated with kindness, whether that is understanding its needs (skin type), or researching the ingredients/products you allow into your bathroom cabinets. Reinvest in your skin and your facial cleaners by taking the time to find the right cleansers to put your best face forward.

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