Bearded Man Applyinh Shave Cream


The skin is the largest organ and is our first line of defense against pollution and external stressors we all face every day.  However, for the most part, women are the only ones that partake in a skincare routine. Why? The skincare world markets over 99.99% of its products towards women. It’s easier to market skincare products in a way that is more feminine thus appealing to a bigger demographic,: Meanwhile men lack quality skincare products.  Skincare also tends to be placed within the beauty category which makes it less appealing for men to explore and see if there is anything for them.

Newsflash: Men have skin and also suffer from skin challenges just like women. Men experience inflammation, excess oiliness, endure dry skin, and also stress over acne. Men need to pay attention to what their body is telling them and create a skincare routine that fits their individual needs. Instead of putting skincare solely in the women’s category, we need to embrace that everyone has skin and everyone needs to look and feel better with well cared for skin.

Feeling confident is a critical part of life and our skin plays an important role in that. Everyone wants to put their best face forward into the world, and for men, that means you also need to understand what your skin needs. With all the skin challenges we face, there are so many options out there to help. We need to change the narrative that skincare is only for women.  Skin is skin and skincare is for everyone.