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The power behind scent is emotional and therefore physiological, synthetic fragrance is dysregulating to our bodies. Part of a wellness lifestyle includes limiting our contact with unnatural fragrances. ESSENCE serum is infused with organic flower tops and highly curated oils. It can be used to calm skin after shaving, a body treatment, and a natural perfume, a healthy alternative to synthetic fragrance.


100ml | 3.4oz

The intention of a formula is just as important as what’s in it.


PALO SANTO | harvested from dead wood off Ecuador’s coast, it is used in ancient rituals for enhancing spiritual connection and its purifying energy. Its soft wood notes, evoke mood-enhancing qualities.


NEW CALEDONIA SANDALWOOD | is considered the ideal wood oil for meditation for its relaxing effect on the nervous system. Perfect for skincare due to its cooling action, which influences the reduction of inflammation. Having emollient qualities it is ideal for nourishing the hair follicle.


CBD broad spectrum | cannabis sativa hemp-extracted cannabinoid oil a prolific species containing a broad range of chemical compounds. High in antioxidants and adaptogenic capacity.


ORGANIC ELDERFLOWER | a nutritive tonic for the skin providing one of the highest concentrations of flavonoids a special class of secondary metabolites that provides extensive protection from environmental stress.


ORGANIC CALENDULA FLOWER | promotes hydration boosting collagen which if you didn’t know decreases every year after the age of 30. High in multiple antioxidants allowing for protection from oxidative stress. The challenge is real and aging gracefully needs an assist from our plant friends.


ORGANIC GOLDEN HEMP SEED OIL | omega and antioxidant-rich full-spectrum hemp seed oil packed with healthy fats extremely valuable to sustain healthy skin. Rich plant oils carry beneficial nutrients into the body within minutes of application.


SQUALANE | a radical change in overall skin appearance happens when we use squalane. Well-tolerated, and well suited for every skin type. This derivative of the olive, it helps boost antioxidant levels and offers protection from environmental factors.

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